Producing & Consuming Data for Better Customer Experience

by Rajesh Agarwal, on Dec 10, 2018 11:18:38 AM

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Data is the new king of business. Before the advent of information technology, data was hard to capture and expensive to analyze. Thanks to the exponential speed at which we have advanced, data is now easily obtainable and can be analyzed quickly with the right analysis solution.

Companies can now collect and analyze unprecedented levels of data. While a lot of focus has been drawn upon the potential of this data to drive marketing and sales, it can also be a powerful tool to deliver unparalleled customer experience.

Retaining Customers

The major drawback of creating great customer experience is that most customers don’t leave feedback. If there is an issue with the customer service provided by your company, a hundred people might leave before one of them actually complains about the service. All customers do not have the extra time or motivation to deal with your support staff; most of them will just opt to do business with another company the next time. This way you lose out on customers without knowing why.

Using Data to Empower Customer Experience

If you use data gathering and analysis correctly you will be able to detect the issues in your customer experience. For example, you can simply measure the amount of time people spend on your website and the last page that they visit. By doing so, you can check what page makes them leave the website. If they leave during the ordering process, maybe your ordering process is too complicated. If they leave when viewing the product description then you need to improve your product descriptions.

Identifying Weak Points in Customer Service

With the help of data you can find out what hurts your customer experience the most. Are people annoyed at having to wait on the phone line? Are people having trouble with billing and returning items? With data, you can track exactly where complaints are generated. By then focusing on these pain points and remedying them, you can make the experience effortless.

Customizing service to deliver an excellent experience

Data gathering also allows you to make recommendations and personalize the experience of customers. If you sell music, you can customize recommendations and notifications based on the genre the customer usually buys from. This way they get notified about music that interests them. The dash of personal touch makes them more likely to buy from your company. Data driven approach to predict demand allows customers to feel like you understand them and increase the value of their experience with you.

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