Everest Group Peak Matrix For Finance & Accounting (F&A) Digital Capability Platform (DCP) Solutions
Everest Group PEAK Matrix For Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology Vendors - 2019

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by Keshav Jeet, on Apr 3, 2020 1:01:21 PM

Estimated reading time: 3 mins As scenarios of lockdowns and curfews become quite frequent bringing neighborhoods to a standstill, Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) applications are offering solutions to fulfill …

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Topics:Augmented RealityVirtual Reality

by Sachin Rane, on Mar 31, 2020 3:19:15 PM

Estimated reading time: 3 mins As global enterprises face the onslaught of natural and man-made disasters, they continue to experience business disruptions. Time and again we have also witnessed how …

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Topics:CloudDigitalEnterprise Content Management (ECM)

by Rajesh Agarwal, on Mar 30, 2020 3:32:16 PM

Estimated reading time: 3 mins Recently, we have seen unprecedented situations with virulent propagation of diseases across geographies giving rise to pandemics, such as the COVID-19 outbreak. We have always …

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Topics:Robotic Process Automation (RPA)Digital TransformationArtificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

by Navin Gupta, on Mar 20, 2020 3:41:14 PM

Estimated reading time: 3 mins Today, most enterprises have adopted some ERP platform to facilitate their core manufacturing business. However, while Greenfield ERP deployments are always value for money, the …

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Topics:Finance & AccountingDigital TransformationBusiness Process Management (BPM)

by Sandeep Arora, on Mar 9, 2020 11:47:39 AM

Estimated reading time: 3 mins Telling SHORT stories with MASSIVE data is the new achievement in the field of Augmented Analytics. It is that field of Data Sciences that connects …

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Topics:Digital TransformationMarket ResearchAdvanced Analytics & Data Sciences

by Premal Desai, on Mar 4, 2020 6:48:47 PM

Estimated reading time: 3 mins I was thinking about the concepts of Service and Project to understand the relationship between Service Management and Project Management. This is a topic of …

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Topics:Service Management