Converse 24x7 with Global Customers using ServiceNow and Generative AI

by Sanjeev Shrivastava, on Sep 5, 2023 3:25:46 PM

Key takeaways from the blog

  • ServiceNow and Generative AI help businesses institutionalize Intelligent Virtual Agents.
  • The technology ensemble augments human agents’ efforts enabling them to stay ahead.
  • The technology combination proves to be a powerful combination for Lead Generation.

Converse 24x7 with Global Customers using ServiceNow and Generative AI
Dynamic global markets demand 24x7 customer service for sustenance. They also mandate a prompt and seamless customer experience for a great customer recall coefficient. Technology is the only savior in such a scenario. ServiceNow coupled with Generative AI provides the foundation for building a 24x7 responsive Intelligent Virtual Agent ecosystem atop customer-facing sites and portals. The ServiceNow-Generative AI technology ensemble practically turns deep hunting into a farming experience for the business.

How does ServiceNow enable lead generation?

ServiceNow is a low-code/no-code automation platform that helps businesses easily build a Virtual Agent ecosystem that intelligently follows a carefully defined script, the enterprise database information, and then the information in public domain, in succession, for answering queries. The Virtual Agents being strategically placed in customer-facing scenarios, such as business websites and portals, they simultaneously field the business queries and register the customer details. Customer service executives then follow-up with the customers/prospects and take the talks further at the customer’s convenience.

ServiceNow has in-built AI/ML layers. In addition, it effectively teams up with Generative AI. It enables the Virtual Agents to continuously self-learn with each query handling. It thus helps the Virtual Agents to objectively answer each question, even if a relevant answer is unavailable at the given point of time in its script or database. The Virtual Agents thus front-end with the customers 24x7 while effectively handling uncharted territories.

How does ServiceNow help businesses engage with global customers?

ServiceNow has the capability of conversing around the clock in multiple languages. This capability goes a long way in engaging with the global community. It proves to be an important investment for a business in its sustenance and expansion activities. ServiceNow-powered Virtual Agents have AI/ML/NLP at the core. Handling extensive data trains them further making them more robust to perform better with time. 

Benefits of ServiceNow-powered Virtual Agents

The ServiceNow platform that hosts the Virtual Agents is highly scalable. Some of the major advantages that it brings to the table are: 

  • High responsiveness: The ServiceNow platform is hosted on the Cloud Native environment. It enables the human agents in Contact Centers to quickly query and answer multi-faceted questions posed by customers.
  • Cost-efficiency: The trained Virtual Agents engage customers and prospects around the clock through intelligent conversation. In turn, the business is able to grow its customer base in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Scalable platform: The underlying Cloud Native environment helps businesses to scale up their performance across different domains in a step-wise manner.
  • Human-effort augmentation: Based on the leads generated by the Virtual Agents, human agents take the conversations forward through follow-ups resulting in faster customer acquisition.
  • Cross-sell/Up-sell: The Virtual Agents have two-way communication. They track previous website interactions of the customer and offer the right suggestions that are useful to the customer.
  • Customer Experience Management: In-built AI/ML algorithms and Generative AI enable continuous learning. The Virtual Agents build on emotional intelligence with time and recognize the customer voice to engage with them in an intelligent manner. 

Simply put

ServiceNow and Generative AI enable businesses to stay ahead by bringing forth Intelligent Virtual Agents that support customer services' human agents. They can team up to service the customers and prospects around the clock. 

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