Leverage AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) as an Economic Growth Catalyst

by Shashi Bhargava, on Jan 18, 2024 5:15:02 PM

Key takeaways from the blog

  • AIaaS helps build automation solutions quickly.
  • It offers scale without the risk of Open Source versions.
  • It maximizes output and enables faster go-to-market.

Leverage AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) as an Economic Growth Catalyst

With the potential to exponentially scale up business operations, Generative AI is a growth catalyst by itself. As businesses become more AI-focused for responding to change better and faster, they are achieving high business productivity, efficiency, and growth. Though GenAI has immense potential, regulatory curbs and AI best global practices warrant its responsible use for augmenting human capability.  AIaaS’ People-Process-Technology integration, leveraged through the “As-a-Service” model, optimizes business output, acting as an economic growth catalyst.  

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a specialized segment of Deep Learning that generates content by using geographically dispersed knowledge information systems of scalable dimensions. The content generation is not just limited to text but also includes synthetic data, graphics, and audio. It can also be used to create workflow steps to build bots for massive-scale automation. Generative AI is trained on large language models or LLMs of billions of text pages that generate detailed answers. 

What is AI-as-a-Service powered by Generative AI?

AI-as-a-Service or AIaaS powered by Generative AI is a digital platform in a Native Cloud environment that allows businesses to use AI responsibly in order to build automation solutions and applications. Its pay-as-you-go approach allows businesses to use the application as per requirement and scale it up as required. It can be used to build automation solutions by proofing the solution from the risks posed by OpenSource versions and the heavy investments through its pay-per-use approach of licensed AI in the Native Cloud environment. 

How does AIaaS act as Economic Growth Catalyst?

AIaaS enables businesses to build automation solutions and take them to market at a rapid pace. The solutions can be fine-tuned in response to change faster and better. The AIaaS solution leverages the AI disruption posed by the versatility of Generative AI and maximizes business output. The solution enables businesses to improve the productivity and efficiency of both internal and external projects. It allows for delivering precision engineering in Native Cloud and an agile environment. The speedy delivery amidst People-Process-Technology integration helps jump start AI-powered automation and the solution acts as a growth catalyst to spur economic growth. Licensed Generative AI versions used for the IAaaS solution make the solution compliant with global compliances and regulations. 

Benefits of AIaaS

  • Revenue generation: AIaaS’ speedy solution development is beneficial as compared to curbing expenses. It saves on CapEx and OpEx to generate more revenue.
  • Agile: The “As a Service” model supports development and expansion at a rapid pace. The model being hosted in the Cloud extends the reach of AI in a cost-efficient manner and without the risk as compared to Open Source AI. AIaaS helps to move fast and cash in on market opportunities.
  • Precision engineering: It supports high speed automation solution development with high FTR (first time right) rate.
  • Catalyst of economic growth: AIaaS is a growth engine for automating processes with the help of AI-enabled solutions. The AI-automation solutions ensure faster go-to-market from days to hours and hours to minutes.
  • AI at doorstep: AIaaS simplifies AI-powered automation for businesses overwhelmed by AI disruption. It normalizes the disparity between AI skill set availability.
  • Competitive edge: The solution gives an edge to businesses delivering faster automation solutions with equally fast go-to-market. 
  • New frontiers: AIaaS supports continuous development and continuous innovation to achieve new frontiers.
  • AI-trained workforce: AIaaS promotes People-Process-Technology integration and ensures workforce training at a rapid pace.
  • Rebuild economy: It helps RoI and revenue generation at a rapid pace to recover the losses accrued during the 2020’s outage. It enables maximum roll-out of SaaS unicorns. 

AIaaS – Important use cases

  • Hyper-personalization: Deliver personalized assistance on projects and answers to customers and prospects.
  • Conversational AI assistance: Build personalized solutions for smart homes.
  • Learning upgradation: Build learning solutions that answer queries and tests knowledge.
  • Synthetic data for Model training: Generate synthetic data by using available data for AI Model training.
  • Customer Experience Management: Improve turnaround time for customer query resolution from days to hours and hours to minutes. 

Simply put

AIaaS is an economic growth catalyst. It has the potential to build solutions and applications for mass go-to-market and scaling up as per demand. Its purview goes much beyond improving productivity and efficiency. It supports synthetic data generation for model training related to specialized functions. The pay-as-you-go approach by leveraging Native Cloud alleviates different types of risk to a significant extent.

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