Pharmacy Mobile App Development: Key Takeaways That Will Help You Disrupt

by Smitesh Singh, on Apr 29, 2022 2:28:50 PM

Accessibility and cognizance are key healthtech drivers in the modern era. Moreover, with the pandemic accelerating the pace of health tech, numerous health apps have been developed to solve critical patient issues. Accurate and in-time administration of medicines has been one of these issues. Numerous on-demand pharmacy apps have sprung up today that let patients upload a prescription, and deliver medicines right at their doorsteps. This has helped them dodge the overhead of standing in long queues, following social distancing, and facing inaccessibility to certain medications. In this blog, we will talk about some key features of a pharmacy app and how one can develop it. 

How will a pharmacy app work?

A pharmacy app works just like a digital marketplace store. The only difference is the type of goods the customers purchase. There are some differences though between an online pharmacy and a traditional digital marketplace store because there is a need to have a prescription.

Pharmacy App Features

When it comes to your pharmacy app development, defining the list of features needed is essential for the best customer experience and your future return on investment. Let’s enlist some basic and additional functions you may want to include.  

  • Registration/Login: This is the most basic feature needed to create an online pharmacy. The customer profile is stored in the database and can later be used to send educational health content and discounts on medicines.
  • Search with filters: The customers should be able to search using different parameters and filters. You need to define them in advance by analyzing your customer problems, frequently asked questions, and other issues.
  • Drug information: Sensitive information related to medicines should be thoroughly checked and validated by a physician before uploading. This feature can help patients immensely by educating them on alternatives, side effects, and their management.
  • Shopping cart: This is a feature that will facilitate the buying process of the medicines. the ordering process. There must also be a feature to edit the shopping for adding or removing drugs.
  • Instant payment: Modern customers appreciate the opportunity to pay for their orders online using credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, or even cryptocurrencies. The latter is the case in a Venezuelan pharmacy.
  • Delivery and/or pickup options: You should provide your users with a choice. They should be able to either pick up their order or get it delivered.
  • Subscription orders: Patients with chronic diseases need constant support for their health, so they should be able to reorder prescriptions with one click.

Benefits of Pharmacy Apps

  • Improved patient assistance: Customers can use various useful features of these apps such as medicine trackers, drug/medicine reference materials, pharmaceutical consultations, and improved management of chronic illnesses. Patients with chronic conditions find these apps more useful since they can easily track their prescriptions, doses, and place orders for up to three months’ supply of medicines online. These apps also help you avoid the usual monthly prescriptions and procedures of repeatedly visiting the store. 
  • Increased loyalty of customers: These apps are very important for maintaining customer interest and loyalty, improving connection and communication with customers, and other benefits for users. Features such as push notifications, promotional discounts and offers, faster delivery, free consultations, privacy, and convenience are the other benefits of these apps. Other than these, such apps help save money and time in procuring medicines. 
  • Credibility and Trust: Often at times, patients are skeptical about buying medicines from medical stores as pharmacists aren’t usually licensed, doctors. With pharmacy apps, all prescriptions, medications, and information on diseases can be cross-verified by actual doctors right on the app. Moreover, these medicines can be conveniently and privately ordered. 
  • Improved customer churn: Healthcare customers always root for transparency, accessibility, and efficiency. A pharmacy app can bring in more customers with improved trust, peer reviews, and tech-savviness of the customers. The pharmacy app can also be scaled with the help of an app development company and be customized to serve more geographical areas, create brand awareness and grow business globally.


While the pandemic is still here, the businesses are making a paradigm shift from traditional to online. Just like most traditional businesses have moved into the digital sphere, the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors are drifting towards the web with pharmacy and healthcare application development. As someone in a healthcare supply chain, you are poised to gain immensely through these apps. All you need is to prepare, ideate, and contact a pharmacy and one of the best healthcare mobile app development companies to convert your app idea into a reality. 

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