Things to Keep in Mind While Developing a Mobile Gaming App in 2022

by Smitesh Singh, on Mar 18, 2022 3:59:39 PM

The mobile gaming market is growing at a fascinating rate, and there are no signs of stopping. According to Statista, 1.8 billion people downloaded a mobile game for their smartphone. It’s estimated that the number is bound to reach 2.2 billion by 2025. However, even though the market is busy, game developers have a long road ahead of them to develop a successful gaming strategy and a mobile app that rightfully supports it.


In this blog, we will talk about key considerations while developing a mobile gaming app, given the constant evolution of devices as well as gaming experiences.

PC-Quality Experiences on Mobile

Smartphone capabilities have increased significantly in the past couple of years. As we witness high-production values along with AAA-quality gaming apps, there’s a dire need for gaming experiences on mobile that are at par with PCs as well as consoles. Players need higher-quality graphics alongside tough gameplay with a rich and consistent experience across all devices. Developers hence have to improve their development standards while developing exciting as well as unique experiences while playing on mobiles.

Social Connections

Social interaction in games became popular in the past couple of years. Social interaction fosters user retention as well as overall in-app engagement. Mobile apps that enable players to compete against others with their friends have a significantly higher affinity. For instance, high-quality multiplayer apps like Call of Duty: Mobile, Genshin Impact, etc. offer social experiences at AAA-quality that players could only expect from consoles or PC. 

Crossplay and Spin-Offs 

Certain games are successful because players can choose the device they want to play on, and still be able to experience a wide variety of gameplays. Developers can create spin-offs and versions of console games, optimized for mobile devices. A major instance of such games is Monster Park AR. Another benefit of developing a PC game for mobile is that it enables players to switch between various devices. A player might enjoy a particular game on PC while at home but also want to play it on mobile while they’re on the go. 

Cloud-based Games

Numerous gaming firms today are looking to develop a cloud-based gaming app. These gaming apps constitute high-end engines that can extract incredible visualizations, social media integration, competitive elements in the play, etc. from the cloud. The primary aim of the mobile game app developers shall be the simplification of game UI as well as the entire development process with the help of the cloud.

Prevalence of Open Source 

The embracing of freemium mobile games worldwide has resulted in the emergence of smaller firms that are eager on developing mobile game apps. The benefits of open-source open up an array of opportunities for smaller firms. They can simply refrain from buying expensive SDKs, gaming engines, etc. for developing apps. They can implement ready-made codebases and focus on innovating.

Wearable Technologies

The majority of wearable devices today consist of smartwatches and wristbands. With the advent of wearable devices, gaming development enthusiasts should begin investing in these technologies to offer an alluring app experience to customers. 

Metaverse growth

In the year 2022, gaming will become more closely linked with the metaverse theme, creating room for more innovation across the in-game experiences. To fuel the metaverse concept and technology, startups will start offering users, the resources to include metaverse elements in games, such as creating human avatars of players. 2022 will therefore be the time that metaverse becomes more prevalent amongst users.


The main takeaway from the discussion is that the most viable strategy for reaching a larger audience is to develop games for all mobile devices. However, the biggest challenge of cross-platform development is that you need to optimize your game for an increasingly high number of devices. The right mobile gaming app development company can help you achieve your modern-day app development goals. Get in touch today!

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