Drive simplicity of operations at scale with Hyperautomation

by Mitul Mehta, on Feb 24, 2022 9:53:12 PM

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Key takeaways from this blogpost:

  • Hyperautomation simplifies operations and improves straight-through processing at scale
  • It is a journey from point automation to comprehensive end-to-end automation
  • It overcomes shortfalls of individual technologies and delivers more than the sum of parts

As enterprises develop point solutions or task automation solutions over a period of time, they generate a mesh of siloed process automation. As changing market dynamics demand remote operations and comprehensive digital business models, explicit process optimization and simplification become primary towards achieving seamless efficiency, flexibility, and agility of business models. Here, Hyperautomation allows driving enterprise-level automation initiatives that cut through multiple processes and siloed business functions thereby optimizing and simplifying enterprise processes in their entirety. 

Drive simplicity of operations at scale with Hyperautomation

What is Hyperautomation?

According to Gartner® “Hyperautomation involves the orchestrated use of multiple technologies, tools or platforms.” It involves multiple teams and business functions to drive common business outcomes. Gartner® highlights the involvement of fusion teams. According to them, “Fusion teams are multidisciplinary teams that blend technology or analytics and business domain expertise, and share accountability for business and technology outcomes.”


Hyperautomation drives seamless efficiency, flexibility, and agility

Hyperautomation initiatives are a paradigm shift from automation of tasks, processes, business functions, and standalone decision-making solutions towards an intelligently autonomous comprehensive enterprise-wide system. It simplifies the inter-dependent business processes and improves straight-through processing.

Business policies change over time. The inherent modular approach allows the processes to adapt to changing requirements, self-learn through exception handling on top of pre-defined rule-based automation, and drive efficiency, flexibility, and agility through a pre-mediated methodical approach. It provides the tailwinds to drive accelerated growth and operational excellence.

The Hyperautomation framework – A move from Fragile to Agile

Hyperautomation is a synergy between business units, processes, and technology. It drives automation at a high magnitude of scale and at the same time builds systemic resilience. With orchestration of automation platforms and tools, such as robotic process automation, intelligent document processing, artificial intelligence/machine learning, intelligent business process management, and process mining & discovery it delivers a highly accurate output and improves straight-through processing. It not only simplifies processes but also improves on the shortcomings and fragility of individual tools and technologies to deliver greater value than the sum of the parts in an agile and secure environment. Hyperautomation Centre of Excellence led approach allows to establish the key process indicators or KPIs and monitor the outcome through the different stages of delivery and scrums.

In short

Hyperautomation is an evolutionary journey from point automation to a comprehensive and autonomous enterprise-wide automation solution. With the end goal of simplifying operations and improving straight-through processing at scale, Hyperautomation overcomes the shortcomings of individual technology platforms to deliver value that is much higher than the sum of the parts.


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