Tips to Improve Your Website Design in 2022

by Smitesh Singh, on Apr 12, 2022 12:24:54 PM

Key takeaways

  • The UX of a website should be interactive, easy to use yet appealing, and smooth.
  • An eye-catchy text for CTA with an attractive image beside it could be an effective layout for CTA.
  • Designs with a simple experience for complex structures enable improved motions & animations.

Website design is responsible for creating a lasting and impactful first impression on users.  A wonderful design helps one improve sales along with improving the website's user experience. It's therefore essential to integrate modern web design into your website so that you don’t miss out on tech-savvy customers always looking for better user experiences. In this blog, we will discuss a few ways to improve your website design.

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Grid design

The grids in the website will play a key role in 2022 as an asymmetric layout that will likely become more popular. The 2D layout with grid design is one of the most sought-after CSS Layouts for CSS development and can accurately describe the intent and functionality of an HTML website page through coding.

Improved UX/UI

The UX of a website should be interactive, easy to use yet appealing, and smooth. That enables fast page load, less clutter, more flexibility, etc. A thorough experience with web design tools and framework is the key to a clean design that helps users browse the site seamlessly.


Whitespace is one of the most critical parts of the website design that enables one to divide pages into sections and help improve the readability of a page. Also commonly known as the ‘Negative Space’, whitespace is the empty area around an element on the page that does not have any content, and visual elements. Including whitespace implies better user interaction, better page look & feel, and visible CTAs with the flexibility to experiment around.

Simple Navigation

Whenever a user lands on your website, they always expect simple navigation and organization structure to take a tour of the site and purchase the item that they are looking for. If they encounter complicated navigation, they will run away from your website. Hence, it’s important to ensure that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for.


A typical contemporary web design requires full-page headers in any given website design. Seasoned web designers can aid in the implementation of numerous header variations through call-to-action buttons. An eye-catchy text for CTA with an attractive image beside it could be an effective layout for CTA. These CTA buttons account for high click-through rates on websites and inform users on the exact way to a certain page. It includes new experiences, accessible details for making contact, and hiring resources and services from a website directly.

Playful cursors

Modern websites have feature cursors for embellishing web pages with a revamped user experience. Deploying active cursors to a website is a simple task. For new features, designs with a simple experience for complex structures will enable you to customize and improve cursor-triggered motions & animations. Website users will adore the effect, engaging more with these unique cursors.


Accessibility in a web design is simply about creating experiences that disabled users can experience too. There are some ways to create websites that are accessible to people with certain sensory ailments and disabilities:

  • Using contrasting colors: Website visitors with optical impairments can find difficulty in distinguishing a text from a less contrasting background.
  • Using multiple colors: Websites communicate with users through visual cues and content. Text labels can be used for visually challenged or color blind people. Website details must be easily recognizable using a set of contrasting colors.
  • Keyboard navigation support: Disabled users often depend on the keyboard for details and website navigation. For instance, using the "Tab" on the keyboard, one can “scroll” the interactive content on the website including text fields as well as links.


Digital growth of your businesses isn't as simple as creating a website in the modern competitive era. To offer customers the best experience possible, a website requires ongoing optimizations as well as modifications according to the industry standards and requirements. There are numerous ways to enhance a website design according to your business requirements. To get a better understanding of your website design, get in touch with the website development company

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