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by Deepak Shivnani, on Oct 20, 2020 9:33:21 PM

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As we rebound from the pandemic, we all want to rise in unison to a better tomorrow. All along as we had stepped on a back foot, technology had still kept us connected. Even in this narrow path to recovery, it is the technology that seems to be the Noah’s Arc for us. Of the many avtaars that technology dawns, cloud-based practices offer that much desired scalability and productivity to boost the anytime anywhere business paradigm. A cloud-based Digital Workplace solution powered by Enterprise Content Management (ECM), configurable workflows, business rules, Intelligent Data Capture, robotics (RPA), and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) seems to be the need of the hour.


What is the Digital Workplace solution?

Digital Workplace is your eoffice away from office. It supports remote operations and work from home in a secure enterprise framework. The solution strategically uses intelligent data capture, ECM, and digital workflow to capture, store, and move office documents and files in a safe environment.

The Digital Workplace solution is much more than a collaboration platform. It is your paperless digital office. The solution accelerates the pace of regular office transactions in an exponential manner. It even outs the bottlenecks encountered in the approval process and eliminates loss of documents.

For example: A user raises the requisition through his reporting-to officer along with requisite documents and quotations without any loss of documents or approval bottlenecks and procures the required assets within two days as against weeks earlier.

The solution can be easily integrated with your enterprise email and synchronized with your email contacts as well as your enterprise messaging systems. It can be implemented through all the enterprise horizontals and verticals.

The Digital Workplace imparts the much needed digital dexterity to an enterprise and can be extended beyond to enable adaptive learning platforms, and much more, through systematic design thinking. The cloud-paradigm eliminates the need for colocation and enables you to move towards one global office.

The solution with multi-factor authentication and digital signatures has the capability to immensely improve process visibility and individual accountability. It also improves the cycle time and productivity at the same time.


Benefits of the Digital Workplace Solution

The Digital Workplace Solution offers a complete e-Office solution and has many advantages over the brick and mortar colocation practice.

  • Automation:
    Automates all day-to-day office processes and supports file tracking and auto-reminders

  • Audit:
    Improves traceability and supports internal and external audits due to integrated approval notes, document trails, and logs

  • Faster TAT:
    Expedites the regular office processes and eliminates data loss and process bottlenecks, ensures timely payments

  • Cloud Security framework:
    Supports work from home and remote operations through personal devices protected as per the enterprise security policies

  • Multi-system integration:
    Offers easy integration with other enterprise platforms such as enterprise ERPs, enterprise analytics, and immersive office solutions

  • Anytime anywhere access:
    Supports remote operations and business on the go over a scalable cloud architecture

  • Device agnostic:
    Supports operations through all devices, such as tablets, laptops, and desktops

  • Frees real-estate:
    Reduces the need for brick and mortar offices, physical file storage areas, and warehouses

  • Faster decision making:
    Supports document integration from the enterprise’s ECM system and cross referencing to enable decision making

  • Faster storage and retrieval:
    The ECM framework supports seamless storage of digital assets, search, and retrieval

  • File management:
    Supports seamless document and correspondence management and overall knowledge management

In summary

The Digital Workplace Solution is an important milestone in the digital transformation journey of any enterprise. It seamlessly integrates with other enterprise systems and eliminates loss of documents and files in transit and expedites approval processes. It allows systematic document storage and retrieval. The solution operates within a cloud-based safe and secure environment and supports faster decision making. The solution supports remote work operations such that businesses can jumpstart operations post the pandemic lull towards a faster, stronger, and better rebound.

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