Transform information into Business Advantage with OpenText Documentum xCP Case Management Framework

by Sandip Dabhade, on Feb 12, 2024 11:31:46 AM

Key takeaways from this blog:

  • Automate complex processes, boost efficiency, and adapt quickly with Documentum xCP's case management.
  • Empower users with a modern interface, streamlined workflows, and get key info at their fingertips, boosting productivity.
  • Gain insights with built-in analytics and compliance tools, making informed decisions with confidence


OpenText Documentum xCP

Organizations collect, create and distribute more information than ever and face increasingly complex regulatory requirements. Manual processes are slow, error-prone and resource intensive, and it is difficult to design flexible processes that can adjust and change with the business.

OpenText™ Documentum™ xCP is a case management framework that allows developers and IT architects to rapidly design and deploy case management solutions, bringing new efficiency and agility to complex information-centric processes, from loan applications to benefit approvals, across a range of industries. For business users, Documentum xCP case management applications improve productivity by automating these repetitive business processes. It empowers users to work smarter and faster with a new, modern user interface that is compatible with any PC or tablet.

Why OpenText™ Documentum™ xCP?

  • Develop applications at a substantially lower cost.

With OpenText Documentum xCP, organizations can create dynamic, case management applications that control the entire lifecycle of information. Designers, developers and IT architects can use the case management framework to quickly design and deploy solutions that bring new efficiency and agility to complex processes across a range of industries.

  • Work smarter and faster.

Now, business users can streamline processes that draw information from multiple systems and sources, including big data. Documentum xCP case management automates decision-oriented and exception-based processes and puts all relevant information in context. It is flexible enough to support the human insight and expertise needed for effective case management. The solution also provides the means to users to work more efficiently, including a modern, intuitive user experience. Hence it helps organizations enhance productivity, provide superior customer service and adapt quickly to changing processes and priorities.

  • Gain intelligence with analytics.

Documentum xCP includes basic reporting capabilities that developers can use to embed visual charts and dashboards anywhere within the solution, or search to detect patterns in information. For enhanced analytics, integration with OpenText™ Magellan™ BI & Reporting yields additional insights. BI & Reporting users can embed and display reports in any part of Documentum xCP, create live dashboard views based on user roles and embed live charts and graphs that update in real-time.

xCP provides a complete audit trail, ensuring transparency and adherence to regulations. With xCP, every interaction, document, and piece of information is meticulously tracked and easily retrieved.

  • Streamline Key Business Processes.

Documentum xCP case management supports and streamlines a wide range of business processes within Financial Services, insurance, healthcare, high tech, Energy and Public Sector agencies. It also brings new efficiency and accuracy to core processes, including invoice automation, contract management and Accounts Payable. The solution simplifies and speeds processes, improves customer service and boosts productivity. It also helps ensure regulatory compliance by providing a complete record of all content and communications, as well as full visibility into customer activity. Here are a few examples:

  1. Financial Services: Automate loan applications, streamline KYC/AML processes, and improve fraud detection with accurate, real-time information.
  2. Healthcare: Reduce medical errors with efficient care management workflows, streamline claims processing, and enhance patient care with better access to medical records.
  3. Government: Ensure efficient citizen service delivery, boost transparency, and comply with complex regulations with ease.

Features of xCP Documentum:

  • Rapid application development platform:

Pre-built xCP Process Manager: This built-in tool allows developers to quickly map out and configure typical case management scenarios like approvals, investigations, or service requests. By providing pre-built templates and activities, it significantly reduces development time and effort. It is similar to prefabricated building blocks for your case management solutions.

Graphical drag-and-drop interface: xCP eliminates the need to code from scratch! You can design workflow in a visual environment where you can drag and drop pre-built components, connectors, and activities. This simplifies development and makes it accessible even for non-technical users.

Library of pre-built widgets and templates: xCP comes stocked with a library of commonly used UI elements and business process templates. This further accelerates development by providing ready-made building blocks for common tasks like forms, data input fields, and decision points.

  • Composition platform:

Reusable components: Instead of reinventing the wheel for every new application, xCP encourages reusability. You can create custom components and activities that can be easily plugged into different workflows, saving time and effort. Think of it as building Lego blocks that you can combine and reuse in different creations.

Model-based configuration: Rather than manually configuring every aspect of your application, xCP allows you to define your workflow and logic using a data model. This centralizes configuration and makes it easier to maintain and update your applications.

Configurable user interface and dashboards: xCP provides tools for customizing the look and feel of your applications without coding. You can create user interfaces that match your brand and build dashboards to visualize key performance indicators for your processes.

  • Modern user interface:

Web-based and responsive: xCP applications are accessible from any modern web browser on any device. It provides a consistent user experience across different platforms.

Intuitive and user-friendly: xCP applications are designed to be easy to use for both technical and non-technical users. its clean, uncluttered, and focused interface motivates users to focus on task completion.

  • Reporting and dashboard tool integrations:

Live reporting and dashboards: xCP integrates seamlessly with OpenText Magellan BI & Reporting, allowing you to pull real-time data from your case management processes and visualize it in reports and dashboards. Insights derived from operations analysis help teams to make better & faster decisions.

Third-party integrations: xCP provides more flexibility and options for analyzing your data by allowing you to integrate it with other reporting and analytics tools you might already be using,


OpenText Documentum xCP case management framework automates complex workflows, empowering users with a modern interface and streamlined tools. Imagine streamlined processes that draw information from various sources, including big data, presented in a clear and actionable way. Documentum xCP doesn't just automate, it equips you with insights. Built-in analytics and compliance tools let you analyze information, identify patterns, and make confident decisions. Boost efficiency, adapt to changing priorities with agility, and ensure regulatory compliance – all with Documentum xCP as your key to transforming information into a powerful business advantage. Don't just manage information, harness its power with Documentum xCP.

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